Cherry Creek Dog Park: A Breathtaking Place for Your Dog

Denver is known for its gorgeous mountain views, vibrant arts scene and dog-friendly community. That makes it the perfect place to take your furry friend! Cherry Creek offers everything you need to get your pooch excited about spending time in nature. Located just north of downtown Denver, the park features more than 43 acres of natural beauty with a creek winding through it. There are also plenty of play spaces for dogs to run around, sniff and swim in. Created by the city of Denver Parks & Recreation, Cherry Creek Dog Park offers an abundance of amenities for you and your pet. From fenced-in areas for playing fetch or ball games to separate off-leash areas, there’s something for every type of dog owner. As a result, one of the park’s most popular features is its popularity with dog owners who like to hike or jog as well as people who love taking their dogs along on those hikes and jogs! It’s easy to see why the city of Denver is so dog-friendly. Not only does it offer dog parks like Cherry Creek, but it also allows dogs on its trails, even in designated wilderness areas. The city of Denver has even established a program to provide free dog waste bags in over 150 locations throughout the city. There’s no doubt that Denver is a great place for you and your canine companion to spend some quality time outdoors.

Things to do at Cherry Creek Dog Park

If your dog loves to explore the trees, there’s plenty of opportunity to do so. In addition to the creek running through the park, there are also several ponds that offer your dog a place to cool off in the middle of the summer. If your dog is more interested in sniffing than swimming, you’ve come to the right place. The park offers more than 30 areas to allow your dog to explore their world while letting them sniff as many things as they possibly can. There’s also a separate area of the park for small dogs, so no matter how big or small your dog is, he or she can enjoy the park.

Why Take Your Dog to a Park?

Sunday strolls are a great way to get your dog some exercise, relax and socialize with other dogs. Aside from the obvious health benefits, exercising a dog is also a surprisingly fun experience for both dog and owner. Dogs are naturally active, so taking them for a walk is a great way to exercise without feeling like you’re pushing yourself. For many dogs, walking is just as much about socializing with other dogs as it is about getting some fresh air. In the park, the dogs can see and smell each other, which helps to break down social barriers, encourage socialization and increase confidence. It’s also a great way to meet people and their dogs!

Bring a bag for pooping!

Cherry Creek has areas where your dog can run around off leash, and some areas where they can swim off leash. These areas have a soil that is not ideal for digging, so when your dog goes to dig in the ground, they might notice a bag under the tree instead of a hole. This helps to keep the soil in place and prevent any unwanted digging.

Keep in mind before you go

If you plan on bringing multiple dogs to the park, make sure they have unique tags so they don’t accidentally fight. Another thing to keep in mind is to bring enough supplies for your dog to hang out at the park for a few hours. If your dog likes to swim, they might get bored if you don’t bring enough to keep them entertained.

Rules of the Fenced Areas

There are two fenced play areas at Cherry Creek Dog Park. If your dog is in either of these areas, you must remain with your dog at all times. You may not let another person or dog interact with your dog. You may not leave your dog unattended in these areas for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Don’t be afraid of the off-leash areas

Cherry Creek is a dog-friendly park and has off-leash areas that are safe for your dog to explore, as well as areas where they can safely swim. If your dog is a little timid and is too scared to venture into one of the off-leash areas, try placing some treats and a water bowl in the area with a note that reads: “This is a place where my dog can wander off-leash. If you’re not comfortable letting your dog wander, please let us know by placing a note on the bowl with your name and phone number.” Some dogs are a little more independent and might not need as much help getting comfortable with the idea of being off leash. If this is the case for your dog, try placing a water bowl and some treats in an off-leash area and letting them explore on their own for a few minutes to get used to the idea.

Some tips for enjoying the off-leash area with your dog

If you’re planning on letting your dog explore off leash, make sure they have a safe place to return to. If your dog is a little more social or likes to interact with other dogs, it might be helpful to let other dog owners know that your dog is friendly so that they don’t worry about your dog getting into trouble. When walking your dog off leash, make sure they have a leash they can grab easily if they start to get confused or wander away. If your dog wanders off leash, be sure to let the park staff know so they can put you in touch with your dog.

More rules for the fenced play areas

There are two fenced play areas at Cherry Creek Dog Park. Fences surrounding these play areas are regulated by Denver Parks & Recreation. Dogs must be under voice command at all times and under physical control by a leash or harness. Owners must clean up after their dogs immediately after use.

Final Thoughts

Cherry Creek Dog Park is a stunning place for you and your dog to enjoy nature together. It’s a great place to exercise, socialize and even take a quick swim. No matter what your dog’s preferences, there’s something for everyone at Cherry Creek Dog Park. As Denver continues to grow and evolve, so does the Cherry Creek Dog Park. The city added a new off-leash area in 2018, as well as refurbished some of the existing play areas. It’s worth checking out for yourself so you can make sure your pooch is getting the best experience possible at one of Denver’s most popular parks.

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